TROBOT Technical Information

TROBOT 3 Control Examples


The TROBOT 3 series of small robots use standard RC style servo motors and can easily be controlled by several different methods.


The Arduino controllers and IDE have many examples for controlling these small servo motors.  A quick Google Search can provide many links to a lot of good information for developing your own TROBOT 3 controller.


The Pololu Maestro controllers also provide a quick and low-cost (about $20) way to get started controlling your TROBOT!  These controllers offer a lot of great “built-in” features such as speed and acceleration control, ‘virtual’ servo motor position feedback, sequencing, and an easy to use ‘teach-by-example’ USB interface.


Below I am providing the latest versions of my development code.  I have recently been combining the an Arduino Ethernet Interface with the Pololu Mastro controller to ‘talk’ to ABB’s robot studio for robot positional data.

Controlling a TROBOT 3 with an Arduino & Pololu Maestro Controller


















Pololu Maestro Servo Controller

Micro Maestro 6-Channel USB Servo Controller




TROBOT 3 with an Arduino & Pololu Maestro Controller

Arduino               to                Maestro









 RST or any DOut Pin



Example Code


The code samples below are preliminary versions of what I’ve been working on.   These are the foundations which I’m creating to further refine my TROBOT controller(s).  These samples still are in various stages of development, but do contain the key pieces needed to.  


Download Now : TROBOT Arduino Sample (Version 9-21-12)


Download Now : ABB Robot Studio TROBOT Pack&Go File (to be posted soon)








TROBOT 4 Control Examples


New TROBOT 4.0 examples will be posted very soon!


In the mean time, I’m going to share my current work in progress.


The latest version of mbed  code is available on the mbed site:



This code establishes Ethernet socket communication to ABB’s robot studio and is able to send commands to the Dynamixel Servo’s.



Coming soon…


LabVIEW sample code.







Here are some previously released projects and sample code for controlling TROBOT 3:  T


Those projects both include code for interfacing the TROBOT 3 with ABB's Robot Studio.


TROBOT 4.0 Assembly Guide


Step-by-step assembly instructions are available here:

TROBOT 3.2 Assembly Guide

Previous version: TROBOT 3.0 Assembly Guide


Step-by-step assembly instructions are available here:

Pan & Tilt (v2) Assembly Guide


Previous version: Pan & Tilt (Versions 1) Assembly Guide


Arduino Ethernet



Arduino Pro 328  +  Arduino Ethernet Shield