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1. Kit (servo’s included)



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The TROBOT Pan & Tilt Knuckle Assembly Kit (available here), is a low-cost servo driven Pan & Tilt mechanism. 




Kit Includes:

2 9gram servos

ABS plastic Pan/Tilt Assembly






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Step-by-step assembly instructions are available here:

Pan & Tilt


Latest Version:

Pan & Tilt Assembly Guide


Previous Version:

TROBOT Pan & Tilt Assembly Guide






The ServoCam is a web-enabled, servo controlled, digital camera, that uses the TROBOT Pan & Tilt Knuckle Assembly Kit (available above). The miniature servos allow the camera to pan and tilt.  The camera itself includes JPEG image compression and a UART interface (From SFE).  The hardware and example software developed for this project provides a platform which can be easily further refined into any number of applications.

Pan/Tilt (Knuckle) with Servos




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