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The TROBOT is a miniature six‐axis articulated robot powered by small (RC-style) servo motors.   After several design iterations, these low-cost, educational & hobby robotics kits are now available in limited supplies.  Please Email: tbaumg for more info. 

The TROBOT is designed in the same manner as the large industrial robots that you might see in a typical assembly line.  However it is much smaller and is a ’relatively’ safe robot, it simply does not have enough power to cause serious bodily harm. If you get in its way, it may hurt a little, but it won't squash you.

The TROBOT won ‘Honorable Mentions’ in electronic design contests sponsored by Circuit Cellar Magazine, Texas Instruments, WizNET (among others).  Was featured on several gadget web sites (hackadayubergizmo, technabob, & more) .   And The latest iteration (TROBOT 4.0) is the result of a successful KickStarter Project.



Latest version of the TROBOT 3.2 is now available!  This new low-cost kit features stronger servos, some mechanical improvements, and the kit now screws completely together (gluing is optional). 

Similar changes for the TROBOT 4 are coming soon!


Below is a short demo video of the new TROBOT 3.2!

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